Elite Road

Boardman has a history of creating World and Olympic title-winning race bikes. Our fleet of road platforms have taken all of this experience and tailored the finite design details and ride characteristics of each model to match the specific demands of the rider in each discipline. 

2018 sees the launch of a refined and improved AIR platform using new tube profiles developed through our extensive R&D programme, with a brand new fork with an external brake, making the AIR more real world rider friendly.

Designed for all out aerodynamic efficiency, the AIR range is our fastest collection of road bikes
Using our proven endurance geometry, SLR Endurance is the perfect blend of speed and comfort
SLR Endurance
Adding disc brakes to the SLR Endurance platform was a natural progression. Adding even greater control to the SLR Endurance platform makes these bikes perfect all year round rides
SLR Endurance Disc
The SLR Endurance Titanium series takes full advantage of the material's properties; these bikes combine a smooth ride with efficient power transfer and a stunning appearance
SLR Titanium
This is a race bike without compromise - long, low, super-light and stiff for ultimate speed in the sprint for the line
SLR Race