• Boardman SLR 8.9 Women's Cycling Weekly "I have tested assorted Boardman bikes going right back to the brand’s early days, and have seen the design evolve over the years. So for me, riding a Boardman feels like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers. Old slippers suggest reliable if a little old and tired. However, this design is anything but that." Read Article
SLR 8.6 Women's £650.00 The SLR 8.6W shares its Boardman DNA with the top of the range 9 Series bikes.
SLR 8.9 Women's £1,200.00 Cutting-edge carbon fibre development at an attainable price point with outstanding performance.
ADV 8.6 Women's £825.00 The ADV 8.6 has been designed with maximum versatility in mind. Exploring beyond paved roads, the rigours of commuting, or a more comfortable ride on broken tarmac.