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    With frame designs that have been continually refined and optimised to suit today's riding styles, the latest Boardman off-road range gives you the option to go anywhere and carve your own adventure. 

    Both the CXR and MTB platforms offer award-winning models which we believe are one of the finest, multi-purpose race ready ranges in the market to date. 

    • Boardman MTR 8.9 "Boardman's new MTR 8.9 manages to deliver the amazing value their full suspension range has always offered, but performance is now a step up thanks to revised geometry and suspension. It's not just a good bike for the money; it's a bike that's more than capable of shaming machines double or triple the price." Read Article
    • Boardman ADV 8.9 - Cycling Plus Slightly more upright geometry than Boardman's road bikes, the aluminium Adventure frame has mudguard clearance and rear rack mounts. And though it has disc brakes, it's quick-release levers rather than thruaxles for the head-turning Boardman frame and tapered full-carbon fork. Read Article
    • Boardman ADV 8.8 "With the ADV 8.8, Boardman has continued its theme of offering great performing bikes at a sensible price. Well made, well specced and fun to ride, this latest adventure machine covers plenty of bases, from blasting the local gravel byways to year-round commuting. It's a lot of bike for not a lot of money." Read Article
    • Boardman ADV 8.9E - Ebike Tips "If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bike for a bit of everything, but you want something a bit lighter than a full-fat mid-motor bike, then the ADV8.9E makes a lot of sense" Read Article
    MTR 8.9 £1,600.00 An evolution from the award winning FS Pro, the all new MTR 8.9 benefits from update geometry and a slacker head angle.
    MTR 8.8 £1,200.00 RockShox Recon forks and a Monarch rear shock give smooth control even on aggressive trails on the MTR 8.8
    MTR 8.8 Womens £960.00 RRP£1,200.00 Float over rock gardens & fly down the trail on the MTR 8.8 Women's thanks to improved geometry and RockShox suspension.
    MTR 8.6 £1,100.00 The MTR 8.6 Mountain Bike is crafted for performance on trails and rough terrain, helping you tame those tricky trails.
    MHT 8.9 £1,000.00 The MHT 8.9 is our top of the line hardtail with carefully chosen specification
    MHT 8.8 £850.00 The MHT 8.8 perfectly suited to fast, controlled trail riding thank to it's slacker head angle and 12 speed groupset
    MHT 8.8 Womens £765.00 RRP£850.00 The MHT 8.8 boasts a tried and tested durable, yet lightweight, alloy frame paired with RockShox Judy Silver Forks.
    MHT 8.6 Blue £700.00 The all-new MHT 8.6 Mountain Bike combines high-performance for off-road fun on UK trails.
    MHT 8.6 Fluro £700.00 The all-new MHT 8.6 Mountain Bike combines high-performance for off-road fun on UK trails.
    MHT 8.6 Womens £700.00 The all-new MHT 8.6 Womens Mountain Bike combines high performance and off-road comfort.
    2019 CXR 8.9 £1,000.00 Ready for the muddiest of courses the race-derived CXR 8.9 offers everything you need for the next CX season.
    ADV 8.9 £1,100.00 Go anywhere, anytime on any surface. The ADV 8.9 provides the perfect platform for your cycling adventures.
    ADV 8.8 £750.00 Designed to offer maximum versatility the ADV 8.8 excels when you want to get off the beaten track.
    ADV 8.8 Womens £750.00 The new ADV 8.8 Womens Adventure Bike is a bike made to help you explore new possibilities and maximum versatility.
    2019 CXR Frameset £575.00 RRP£1,150.00 For those who want the handling, versatility and performance enhancing benefits of the CXR with their own specification
    ADV 8.9e £2,430.00 RRP£2,700.00 Whether you want to ride further or faster, or just want a bit of help up the hills, the Boardman ADV 8.9e Adventure Electric Bike is a great option.