Size Guide

The Importance of Sizing

At Boardman, we really understand how important it is that your bike fits you perfectly. It doesn’t matter how aerodynamic or light your bike is if it doesn’t fit – you won’t be comfortable, your performance will suffer, and most importantly, you won’t enjoy riding it. This is why we give recommended rider height and inside leg length for every bike we offer so you can be confident that your next Boardman will fit you. We’d always recommend that you get a professional bike fit to tune your position, but our size guide will put you on the right sized frame to start with.

How to measure your inside leg

The inside leg measurements we give for our bikes are measured based on where your inside leg meets the saddle when riding, so your trouser sizing won’t be of much use here.

To get the right fit you need to replicate the close contact of your saddle whilst standing up. To do this, you’ll need a tape measure, a hard back book, and a wall. A friend who won’t laugh at you too much is also useful, but not essential.

Stand with your back to the wall with your feet shoulder width apart. Put the book between your legs, with the spine of the book against your body and pull it up into your crotch. Put the bottom edge of the book against the wall. This keeps the book horizontal so you can then measure from the spine of the book to the floor to give your inside leg measurement. This is where the friend comes in useful, but you can always hold the book in place and step off it to make measuring easier if you’re on your own.


How to measure your height

Most people know their height, but if you’re unsure, you can use the book method again, but with the spine of the book resting on your head instead.

In between sizes?

If your measurements don’t fit perfectly within one of our sizes, you can always give us a call to talk through what the best option for you would be, but here are some general rules to help you decide.

Height too tall vs inside leg

Go for the larger frame size. Your upper body is proportionally longer than your legs so you will need the extra reach the larger frame gives you to be comfortable. You can always run the seat post lower to accommodate shorter leg length.

Inside leg too long vs height

Go for the smaller frame size. Your legs are proportionally longer than your upper body. The shorter reach on the smaller frame will help to keep your back at a sensible angle without stretching, and you can set the saddle high to accommodate longer leg length. Our seat posts do have a minimum insertion limit within the frame so get in touch if you aren’t sure.