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    Creating National Title and Olympic winning road bikes is in our DNA and something we have been doing since 2007. Each of the Boardman road platforms is designed, developed and specced for a specific intended purpose without compromise.

    Whether it is a cutting-edge aero product or an endurance bike developed with comfort in mind we have the perfect road bike suitable for your needs.

    • Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon "Blimey, what a corker! The Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon replaces the Road Team Carbon which is road.cc Road Bike of the Year 2017-18, and it's a lot of bike for £1,000." Read Article
    • Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon - Bike Radar “Quality modern-looking carbon frame and all-carbon fork, great commuter/sportive ride, tubeless-ready wheels.” Read Article
    • Boardman SLR 8.9 Alloy - Cyclist Magazine "The Boardman SLR 8.9 Alloy is one of the most engaging alloy bikes of recent years that is also competitively price" Read Article
    • Boardman SLR 8.6 - Cycling Plus "If you’re looking to trade up from your very first, super-cheap road bike to something with a little more poise and panache and a recognisable brand name, then Boardman’s SLR 8.6 should be one of the bikes to consider." Read Article
    • Boardman ADV 8.9 - Cycling Plus Slightly more upright geometry than Boardman's road bikes, the aluminium Adventure frame has mudguard clearance and rear rack mounts. And though it has disc brakes, it's quick-release levers rather than thruaxles for the head-turning Boardman frame and tapered full-carbon fork. Read Article
    • Boardman ADV 8.8 "With the ADV 8.8, Boardman has continued its theme of offering great performing bikes at a sensible price. Well made, well specced and fun to ride, this latest adventure machine covers plenty of bases, from blasting the local gravel byways to year-round commuting. It's a lot of bike for not a lot of money." Read Article
    • Boardman SLR 9.2 - Cycling Weekly "The Boardman SLR 9.2 blends endurance and aero, as many bikes are doing, but Boardman has done an exceptional job of using high-grade carbon to engineer a ride that is both nimble yet comfortable." Read Article
    • Boardman SLR 9.2 Disc - Cycling Plus “A blast to ride and incredible value. Chris and his team have done it again, balancing the ratio of performance and price.” Read Article
    • Boardman SLR 9.4 - BikesETC “With a rate of turn that can’t fail to excite, the Boardman encourages you to take some serious liberties at speed.” Read Article
    • Boardman SLR 9.6 Disc - Road.cc "Boardman's road bikes have been consistently good performers in road.cc tests over the years, and the SLR 9.6 Disc is no exception. It's a really good bike that neatly toes the line between race and endurance, offering enough speed for the former while adding in plenty of versatility for the latter. If you ride quickly on tarmac and you want a bike to handle all your riding, it's definitely one for the shortlist" Read Article
    • Boardman AIR 9.2 - BikesETC “In this particular race for pace and pampering the Boardman AIR 9.2 is first over the line" Read Article
    • Boardman AIR 9.6 The AIR has benefitted from Chris Boardman’s aerodynamic acumen as well as his experience against the clock to ensure that the British brand gets to punch well above its weight. Add in some choice Knight Composite deep section wheels, and the 2019 AIR 9.6 looks like a serious bargain. Read Article
    • Boardman ADV 8.9E - Ebike Tips "If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bike for a bit of everything, but you want something a bit lighter than a full-fat mid-motor bike, then the ADV8.9E makes a lot of sense" Read Article
    SLR 8.9 Carbon Red £1,000.00 RRP£1,100.00 Cutting-edge carbon fibre development at an attainable price point with outstanding performance.
    SLR 8.9 Carbon Grey £1,000.00 RRP£1,100.00 Cutting-edge carbon fibre development at an attainable price point with outstanding performance.
    SLR 8.9 Carbon Womens £1,000.00 RRP£1,100.00 New colour, new name, new frame but the same award winning performance as before. The SLR 8.9 Carbon womens.
    SLR 8.9 Alloy £1,000.00 Inspired by its carbon siblings the SLR 8.9 Alloy offers the same inspiring handling but from its 6061 alloy frame.
    SLR 8.8 Alloy £650.00 RRP£750.00 The SLR 8.8 features a full carbon fork saving weight and super reliable shifting from its Shimano Sora componentry.
    SLR 8.6 Alloy £550.00 RRP£600.00 The SLR 8.6 is our new entry level road bike sharing its DNA with the top of the range 9 Series bikes.
    SLR 8.6 Alloy Womens £480.00 RRP£600.00 The SLR 8.6 is our new entry level women's road bike sharing its DNA with the top of the range 9 Series bikes.
    ASR 8.8 £850.00 The 8.8 features a 4130 Cro-Mo steel frame and Shimano Sora groupset, with stopping power provided by TRP Spyre discs.
    ADV 8.9 £1,100.00 Go anywhere, anytime on any surface. The ADV 8.9 provides the perfect platform for your cycling adventures.
    ADV 8.8 £750.00 RRP£800.00 Designed to offer maximum versatility the ADV 8.8 excels when you want to get off the beaten track.
    ADV 8.8 Womens £750.00 RRP£800.00 The new ADV 8.8 Womens Adventure Bike is a bike made to help you explore new possibilities and maximum versatility.
    SLR 9.0 £1,299.00 RRP£1,500.00 The SLR 9.0 offers the outstanding all round capabilities of the SLR frameset using our C8 Carbon.
    SLR 9.2 £1,549.00 RRP£2,000.00 The SLR 9.2 upgrades to a C10 Carbon frame and fork, which uses ultra-high modulus fibres to achieve a perfect blend of low weight and frame stiffness.
    SLR 9.2 Disc £1,849.00 RRP£2,300.00 With Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes, 28mm tyres, lowered seat stays for enhanced comfort and hidden mudguard mounts on the frame and fork, the SLR 9.2 Disc provides a fun and engaging year round riding.
    SLR 9.4 £2,099.00 RRP£2,900.00 The SLR 9.4 uses the same high modulus C10 carbon frame as the flagship 9.8 model, maximising power transfer and minimising weight
    SLR 9.6 £2,599.00 RRP£3,600.00 The SLR 9.6 builds on the impressive formula of the SLR 9.4 with the addition of a Knight Composites 35mm TLA wheelset. These 35mm deep tubeless ready carbon wheels are lighter and more aerodynamically efficient.
    SLR 9.6 Disc £2,799.00 RRP£3,900.00 The SLR 9.6 Disc enhances the already impressive package of the SLR 9.4 Disc with the addition of a Knight Composites 35mm TLA wheelset.
    SLR 9.8 £3,299.00 RRP£5,700.00 The SLR 9.8 is the flagship model in the range, using our highest grade of carbon fibre to deliver a light and efficient frame with impressive aero-credentials, without compromising on comfort.
    2019 AIR 9.0 £1,399.00 RRP£1,750.00 Entry level doesn't mean poor performance - the AIR 9.0 uses our high modulous C10 Carbon and Shimano's 105 groupset
    2019 AIR 9.2 £1,599.00 RRP£2,150.00 Vision Team Comp 35 wheels and an Ultegra R8000 groupset complete this race ready package
    2019 AIR 9.4 £2,099.00 RRP£3,000.00 Our aerodynamic AIR frame with electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2 Groupset
    2019 AIR 9.6 £2,499.00 RRP£3,800.00 Knight Composites 50mm TLA wheels keep the AIR 9.6 rolling at maximum speed
    2019 AIR 9.8 £2,999.00 RRP£6,000.00 SRAM REd eTap groupset and Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels combine to make the ultimate Boardman AIR
    ADV 8.9e £2,699.00 Whether you want to ride further or faster, or just want a bit of help up the hills, the Boardman ADV 8.9e Adventure Electric Bike is a great option.