Whether you are winning Olympic Gold, eating up the tarmac in the toughest endurance road or triathlon events, riding for fitness or want that extra speed on the daily commute there is a model in the Boardman road bike range to suit your specific performance requirements.
      Singletrack, trail centres or exploring the wilderness, the award winning Boardman off road range has a bike to suit your riding style with each model encapsulating the essence of the Boardman design process with highly tuned frame designs and the very best component packages at each price point.
      The Boardman Hybrid range offers the leisure rider and commuter performance, comfort, versatility and functionality in a range of bikes that have been designed from the ground up to meet your specific cycling needs.

      Custom Elite

      For those who want something different, something unique...

      Why not customise your Boardman Elite frameset using our Custom Elite Program.

      Choose from over 5,200 colour combinations and test them all out online. Your frame will then be hand painted and hand finnished in the UK. Available on all Elite carbon frame platforms.

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