Elite Series

Our award-winning Elite Series range, as used by a number of World-Class athletes, is designed following a sophisticated development process to ensure we deliver the highest level of performance attributes for every rider.

Minimal decals and carefully sculpted tube shapes create a sophisticated urban look which is equally at home on the road, in the park or outside the café
Elite Hybrid
Boardman has a history of creating World and Olympic title-winning road bikes.
Elite Road
For the rider where every second and technological advantage counts.
Elite Triathlon / TT
Developed in collaboration with our World Class athletes, the Boardman Elite Women’s range has been designed to specifically give women a performance advantage
9 Series Women's
We were one of the first to see the potential of an all day, multi purpose, ruff stuff, adventure bike that could also be raced.
Elite Cyclocross
No-one knows the Track better than the man behind the Boardman brand. From Chris' legacy is born the Boardman TRK.
Elite Track