Boardman MTR 9.0 - Bikeradar

Boardman’s MTR is a full-suspension mountain bike designed for all-round trail riding, and the 9.0 model tops the range with an upgraded X9 Alloy frame, 150mm RockShox Pike Select fork with Charger RC damper, and a 145mm Deluxe Select+ shock on the rear.

The flagship frame features Boardman’s new X9 6066 series alloy. This new platform retains hydroformed tubes – shaped by having oil pumped through them while hot, to expand into moulds – and welds that have been smoothed off to present a clean looking and easier to clean frame.

It rides with a confidence that belies its cost and would be a sensible purchase for any trail rider with an eye on steeper terrain and a budget of around £2,000 to £3,000. It’s not without its flaws, but they’re acceptable short-term and relatively cheap to rectify.


Great value, extremely fun trail bike for all riding abilities - 4/5

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