Boardman SLR 8.6 - Cycling Plus "If you’re looking for a well-priced bike for road riding – commuting, fitness riding and perhaps the odd weekend away – Boardman’s SLR 8.6 is one of the best you can buy at this price."
Boardman SLR 8.8 Disc "In a world of price rises caused by demand and supply issues, delivering a bike of the calibre of the Boardman SLR 8.8 is a masterstroke."
Boardman MTR 8.9 - MBUK "The Boardman MTR 8.9 shares its geometry and suspension with the more expensive MTR 9.0, and thanks to progressive geometry and a carefully procured spec, is designed to up the ante when it comes to trail riding thanks to plenty of easy-to-unlock speed if you decide to upgrade down the line."
Boardman HYB 8.8 Women's Cycling Weekly The Boardman HYB 8.8 is an upper-range hybrid, with a groupset that represents good value for money compared with other hybrids at the same price point. With off-road inspired low gearing and its relitively low weight, the HYB 8.8 is a pleasurable ride for the fitness rider, the commuter and the cycle tourist.
Boardman ADV 8.6 - Cycling Plus I would have liked better brakes because it’s about the only criticism I can level at the ADV 8.6, which would make a great commuter-cum-fitness-cum-gravel-riding all-rounder. Tough, comfortable, with great control, Boardman’s ADV 8.6 covers a lot of bases. It’s bags of fun too.
Boardman SLR 8.9 - Cycling Plus "There’s no doubt that the SLR offers one of the smoothest rides of any bike at this price – one of the advantages of carbon fibre, of course. You never feel that you are wanting for any stiffness, and there’s little obvious flex when you’re out of the saddle and cranking up the gears, but with long rides over potholed roads you never feel battered – a compliment to the redesigned Boardman saddle and the frame."
Boardman ADV 8.9 - "With its £1,100 price tag it's easy to look at the Boardman and see this as an entry-level model, and if you are a seasoned roadie with good bike handling skills it would be very easy to overlook it for something more advanced (or expensive) when making the transition to gravel. But unless you are racing or are a really fast rider looking for precision handling as your ride passes by in a blur, you really won't be let down by the way the Boardman handles, or rides."
Boardman MTR 8.9 - Off Road CC "The MTR 8.9 is Boardman’s trail-ready full suspension rig aimed towards aggressive riding. While the geometry isn’t pushing boundaries and its build isn’t mega blingy, Boardman has hit the nail on the head – it balances a stellar ride with wisely-picked kit."
Boardman ADV 9.0 - Best Value Bike of the Year I’ve ridden some brilliant cheap gravel bikes but nothing comes close to the considerable chops of the Boardman ADV 9.0. For that reason, it is the winner of our 2021 Best Value Bike of the Year category.
Boardman SLR 9.4 Disc - Bike of the Year "The SLR is a firm favourite, and the addition of a cutting-edge wireless drivetrain and lightweight frameset for far less than ever before have only improved things"
Boardman ADV 8.9 - Cycling Plus All in all, the ADV 8.9 is another excellent bike from the seemingly all-conquering Boardman stable. It's the usual great value that we'd expect from Boardman.
Boardman SLR 8.8 Disc - T3 "Boardman SLR 8.8 Disc proves that one of the great heroes of British cycling is now a hero of incredible value road bikes. For someone just starting out on their road bike adventures or who is looking for a bike that they can ride all summer – and then pop mudguards on and ride all winter – it’s a great option"
Boardman MTR 9.0 - Bikeradar "At a hotly contested price point, the Boardman makes a good case for your consideration, with a superb groupset, standout brakes and good suspension."
Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon - "The Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon retains its excellent frameset for 2021, but it's now bedecked with an even better groupset for a wider, 11-gear spread. It only boosts the already great versatility, and it's ripe for longterm upgrades."
Boardman ADV 9.0 - Cyclist Magazine "Pick a spot, ride there without seeing anyone else, ride home. Beaming smile guaranteed, from the jointly restorative power of exercise and exploration. This is a bike that’s straining at the leash for a weekend away, but for now it’ll simply make your day."
Boardman SLR 8.8 Disc - Cyclist Magazine "If you’re after a robust winter bike or all-weather commuter, the Boardman SLR 8.8 would fit the bill perfectly without breaking the bank or upsetting your company’s Cycle To Work scheme organisers."
Boardman SLR 9.2 Disc - Cycling Plus Magazine "Impressive everywhere, good-looking and a fine ride all round. Superbly balanced handling; great chassis and good components."
Boardman SLR 8.9 Women's Cycling Weekly "I have tested assorted Boardman bikes going right back to the brand’s early days, and have seen the design evolve over the years. So for me, riding a Boardman feels like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers. Old slippers suggest reliable if a little old and tired. However, this design is anything but that."
Boardman SLR 8.9 Alloy - Cyclist Magazine "The Boardman SLR 8.9 Alloy is one of the most engaging alloy bikes of recent years that is also competitively price"
Boardman ADV 8.9 - Cycling Plus Slightly more upright geometry than Boardman's road bikes, the aluminium Adventure frame has mudguard clearance and rear rack mounts. And though it has disc brakes, it's quick-release levers rather than thruaxles for the head-turning Boardman frame and tapered full-carbon fork.
Boardman ATT 9.4 - BikesETC “This bike demolishes shorter hills, positively urging you to throw more electronic gears at it once over the brow.”
Boardman SLR 9.2 Disc - Cycling Plus “A blast to ride and incredible value. Chris and his team have done it again, balancing the ratio of performance and price.”
Boardman ADV 8.9E - Ebike Tips "If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bike for a bit of everything, but you want something a bit lighter than a full-fat mid-motor bike, then the ADV8.9E makes a lot of sense"
Boardman SLR 9.4 - BikesETC “With a rate of turn that can’t fail to excite, the Boardman encourages you to take some serious liberties at speed.”
Boardman SLR 8.9 Carbon - Bike Radar “Quality modern-looking carbon frame and all-carbon fork, great commuter/sportive ride, tubeless-ready wheels.”
Boardman SLR 8.6 - Cycling Plus "If you’re looking to trade up from your very first, super-cheap road bike to something with a little more poise and panache and a recognisable brand name, then Boardman’s SLR 8.6 should be one of the bikes to consider."
Boardman SLR 9.6 Disc - "Boardman's road bikes have been consistently good performers in tests over the years, and the SLR 9.6 Disc is no exception. It's a really good bike that neatly toes the line between race and endurance, offering enough speed for the former while adding in plenty of versatility for the latter. If you ride quickly on tarmac and you want a bike to handle all your riding, it's definitely one for the shortlist"
Boardman SLR 9.8 Disc - Cyclist Magazine "Boardman SLR 9.8 Disc, if you own a wind tunnel, speed is sure to be top of the agenda."
Boardman SLR 9.2 - Cycling Weekly "The Boardman SLR 9.2 blends endurance and aero, as many bikes are doing, but Boardman has done an exceptional job of using high-grade carbon to engineer a ride that is both nimble yet comfortable."
Boardman ADV 9.0 Cycling Weekly "When riding my road bike (which is 99 per cent of my riding) I stick to the tarmac and see bridleways as those paths where a horse rider might pop out from. That was until I got out on this Boardman ADV Adventure bike. A go-anywhere bike that opened up parts of my ride areas I never knew existed."
Boardman ADV 9.0 - Cycling Plus “We'd have no reservations about recommending it for almost any type of riding, whether its commuting or conquering continents. It's a clever, cost-effective and impressive bike."
Boardman URB 8.8 "Practical, pacy, sharp handling, this is ideal for short, fast commutes. A firm ride, yes, but wider tyres or going tubeless would address that, and the 8.8 represents great value."
Boardman URB 8.8 "The Boardman URB 8.8 is an impressively quick and fast-handling hybrid-style bike that will allow fit riders to give roadies a run for their money away from the lights. It's also great value."
Boardman ADV 8.8 "With the ADV 8.8, Boardman has continued its theme of offering great performing bikes at a sensible price. Well made, well specced and fun to ride, this latest adventure machine covers plenty of bases, from blasting the local gravel byways to year-round commuting. It's a lot of bike for not a lot of money."
Boardman MHT 8.9 MBUK "£1,000 Evolution not revolution creates an instant classic. Boardman’s rework of their big-wheeled, high speed trail hardtail has been subtle, but then there wasn’t all that much that needed fixing."
Boardman MTR 8.9 "Boardman's new MTR 8.9 manages to deliver the amazing value their full suspension range has always offered, but performance is now a step up thanks to revised geometry and suspension. It's not just a good bike for the money; it's a bike that's more than capable of shaming machines double or triple the price."