Boardman ADV 8.6 - Cycling Plus

The ADV 8.6 is the less expensive sibling of our budget Bike of the Year, the Boardman ADV 8.9, with Boardman describing the 8.6 as its ‘entry-level adventure bike’.

The Boardman really is great fun and a very enjoyable ride.

A slightly shallow 71.5-degree seat angle slows the steering down and the ADV’s longish wheelbase and dropped bottom bracket also help keep the handling stable, but don’t do anything to lessen the enjoyment of the Boardman’s character.

The 8.6 is nearly the equal of the 8.9 when it comes to enjoyment, though. The tyres are a good compromise for the needs of road and off-road riding, and it’s also comfortable. While the absence of thru-axles means you can induce a tiny amount of brake rub if you try, this isn’t really an issue.


"Good comfort and great fun over a variety of riding surfaces" 4/5

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