SLR Endurance Titanium

Our restless curiosity in the pursuit of perfection constantly engages us and forces us to question every detail. This principle drove us to ask whether carbon was the right material to use when designing our SLR Endurance Disc series, as it turned out it was – but in going through that research stage it became clear that titanium offered many properties that would make for an excellent endurance bike and from there the new SLR Titanium range began.

From that point onwards our goal was simple – to combine modern technologies and manufacturing craft to create a contemporary, hand made, hand painted titanium frame that can eat up the miles 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Many of the features developed for the SLR Endurance Disc range have found their way onto our Ti platform and in some cases have even greater measured benefit when combined with our 3AL 2.5V Titanium. The PF30 bottom bracket and bolt thru axels have dramatically reduced power loss through the chainstays as well as sharpening the handling.

The all new SLR Titanium offers incredibly high tensile strength, unparalleled compliance and resistance to both fatigue and corrosion. What more could you ask for in an Endurance road bike?