9 Series Women's

Developed in collaboration with our World Class female athletes, the Boardman 9 Series Women’s range is designed to give the same cutting edge performance as the rest of the 9 Series range. Irrespective of whether you are male or female, you want your bike to handle and transfer power brilliantly, so we use the same frame geometries and lay ups across all of our 9 Series bikes with smaller sizes introduced for female specific bikes.

Contact points are tailored to suit, with female specific saddles, shorter stems and narrower bars ensure that bikes fit comfortably, allowing the rider to focus on the ride ahead, whatever that may be.

The aerodynamic AIR Women’s has a highly versatile fit and high end specification is the ideal bike for Triathlon, rolling road racing and fast criteriums.

The ATT Women’s with it’s cutting edge aerodynamics is race ready and has been proven on the world’s biggest Triathlon stage.