When performance is everything to you the TTE offers peace of mind. When the timer is counting down or your heading out of transition you only need to be concentrating on your effort and the road ahead and not looking around wondering if your competition has a faster bike.

For 2018 we've taken the gold medal wining DNA of the previous generation TTE and improved on it using a new down tube and head tube profile to reduce drag on an area of the bike that really counts. The new truncated aerofoil profile gives a significant drag reduction, even generating forward thrust at some yaw angles.

 The highly adjustable and fully integrated carbon cockpit o the bike keeps all cables out of the wind, meaning that the only surfaces exposed to the air are carefully considered aerofoil shapes, ensuring minimal drag. The powerful mini-v front brake is also integrated inside the legs of the T9 fork, with the direct mount rear caliper shrouded below the bottom bracket, ensuring that the brakes only slow you down when you pull on the levers.

The secret to the TTE’s success isn’t just about aerodynamics, the frame set is manufactured from our C10 carbon with tube profiles and a material layup designed specifically for efficient power transfer as well as an element of compliance where required. The geometry has also been tuned to ensure handling and stability remain neutral at speed.