SLR Endurance Disc

These bikes combine the comfort and efficiency of our SLR Endurance frames with the power and control of hydraulic disc brakes, making them an ideal companion for long distance sportive or year round training rides.

The decision to create a disc equipped road bike was not taken lightly or because other manufacturers were doing the same. As with everything our R&D team do they look at a project in its purest form - does it work, does it offer improvement, reduce weight and so on. With this mindset we went about deciding whether disc brakes offered any real world benefit and if so how would we go about getting the most out of this new component addition for the road. Starting with the data gained from both our MTB and CXR range development we analysed the mechanical advantages found in the platforms and then began applying this understanding to road usage.

Finite Element Analysis on areas of load and stress, in particular brake mounts and the adjoining tubes, showed us that with minimal structural alterations there were advantages to running a larger rotor than other manufactures have chosen to adopt, with a negligible weight increase. The advantages of better modulation and cooling on long descents, coupled with bolt-thru axles on both the front and rear offer huge improvements to the brakes working efficiency and ultimately the bikes handling.

The result of this research is a frame that handles and rides much like our award winning Endurance platform but with increased braking performance and reduced flex under load.

This means that regardless of the time of year, weather or terrain you have everything needed to keep you out there.