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    City riding presents its own unique set of challenges; bikes have to be functional to deal with congested streets, but it’s easy to end up riding something that looks and feels like a battleship if you follow that logic too far. With the URB range, we’ve created bikes which look sleek and stylish, ride quickly and with composure and also have all the functionality needed for commuting.

    Minimal decals and carefully sculpted tube shapes create a sophisticated urban look which is equally at home on the road, in the park or outside the café. With hydraulic disc brakes throughout the range, simple low maintenance 1X and hub geared drivetrains and rack and mudguard mounts on every bike, there’s nothing the city can throw at you which a URB bike can’t handle.

    • Boardman URB 8.8 "The Boardman URB 8.8 is an impressively quick and fast-handling hybrid-style bike that will allow fit riders to give roadies a run for their money away from the lights. It's also great value." Read Article
    • Boardman URB 8.8 "Practical, pacy, sharp handling, this is ideal for short, fast commutes. A firm ride, yes, but wider tyres or going tubeless would address that, and the 8.8 represents great value." Read Article
    URB 8.8 £699.99 Versatility and style perfectly paired, ladies and gentlemen we present you the URB 8.8.
    URB 8.9 £849.99 Simplicity and ease of use, the URB 8.9 features Shimano's sublime Alfine 8 speed internal hub gearing system.