When performance is everything to you the TTE offers peace of mind. When the timer is counting down or your heading out of transition you only need to be concentrating on your effort and the road ahead and not looking around wondering if your competition has a faster bike.

When competing in a world of marginal gains, 5% is massive! This is the real world performance advantage that the new TTE offers when combined with our new Aerodynamic Surface Treatment, over the previous generation of World Ironman and World Time Trial Championship winning ATT.

Although 5% might not sound like a lot, it is significant. At 25 mph it equates to 3 minutes for a 25 mile time trial or a massive 13 minutes over an Ironman distance. This has been accomplished through an extensive product development and refinement process, utilising comprehensive scientific research, cutting edge computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel and real world testing. Any element of the bike that has an impact on airflow has either been hidden inside the main frame and handlebars or carefully sculptured to enhance smoother airflow.

The secret to the TTE’s success isn’t just about aerodynamics, the frame set is manufactured from our highest C10 carbon with tube profiles and a material layup designed specifically for efficient power transfer as well as an element of compliance where required. The geometry has also been tuned to ensure handling and stability remain neutral at speed.