Junior Bikes

When it comes to riding bikes, kids are constantly pushing forwards, riding faster and exploring further. So when designing our first full range of junior bikes, we put Forwards, Faster, Further on each bike to keep the childlike joy and freedom of pushing the boundaries on a bike at the front of our minds.

The JNR range comprises six models, each with the goal of getting kids outside, cycling and exploring whilst supporting their developmental progression. From those first freewheeling forward movements on the 12" balance bike to the pride of mastering pedalling and going faster than before on the 20", to a family adventure venturing further on the 26", we've carefully considered every aspect of each bike's fit and function. Function hasn't come at the expense of form though, hidden welds and premium metallic paint finishes help the bikes to look as good as they ride.

Our goal is to ensure that the simple act (after some practice) of riding a Boardman JNR is as fun and empowering as possible.