Electric bikes are a great way to make riding for fitness, for fun or for commuting more relaxed and more enjoyable. The Boardman ebike range offers fast and practical style e-bikes, which uses the sophisticated, German engineered Fazua Evation drive system to offer smooth and powerful electric assistance as you pedal.

So what is Fazua Evation?

The Fazua Evation e-bike drive system features a hidden, integrated motor capable of producing 250W of power assistance and 60Nm of torque. This is combined with a removable 250Wh battery, which makes for easy charging without needing a plug where you store your bike. With a range of up to 56 miles* on the “Breeze Mode” setting, long rides are efficiently dealt with.

Using a sophisticated combination of Torque, Speed and Cadence sensors, the Fazua system closely monitors your pedaling and feeds in power smoothly when you need it, stopping instantly when you stop pedaling. You’re always in complete control. There are three levels of assistance to choose from using the intuitive handlebar remote control, which also shows battery charge levels.

Weighing in at just 4.6Kg for the whole system, the Fazua Evation system keeps the Boardman HYB-e and ADV-e models lightweight and practical to live with. 

By using the FAZUA app which is compatible with all Boardman eBikes, you can get access to all of the below that will assist your journey and will help you learn more about your training and your bike. The app includes the following features and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store:

GPS navigation and tracking
Technical overview, state of the battery
Support, direct access to Fazua Service
Interact, share your rides with friends
Summary, analyze the collected data after your ride in detail