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Our Research and Development team continuously looks at ways to develop and improve our products and processes through a combination of analysis, experimentation, in-the-field testing and importantly imagination.

The World Hour Record is now legendary and in terms of intensity is acknowledged as the toughest challenge on 2 wheels by every rider brave enough to have attempted it.

Before the very best of the current Professional ranks attacked the hour record, resulting in Bradley Wiggins achieving 54.526Km, Chris Boardman using his restless curiosity, pursuit of perfection and cutting edge technology pushed his body and machine beyond what was considered possible and achieved an incredible 56.375km.

From this ground breaking event, the Boardman R&D project Beyond 56 (B56) was born.

The Boardman team has taken this passion, drive and determination to heart……

Whether it's a super-fast aerodynamic TT, an endurance road bike, CX, MTB or a hybrid - destined for the Pro peloton or World Champions or the serious enthusiast or commuter, we approach each design project in fundamentally the same way: we start with a blank piece of paper and identify the core challenges associated with the bikes intended use and requirements from the rider. From there we focus on each of these elements to create the best blend of equipment, tube profiles, geometry and material for the application. Our goal is simple - to design and make the products we want to ride and are proud of.

Look out for the B56 logo on prototypes as we continue our research and development into designing and manufacturing better products.