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    Our Crew

    The people behind the brand!

    Each member of the Boardman team has their own role to play in achieving our common ambition – to make bikes that we want to ride and deliver services that are class leading. 

    From the workshop to the boardroom, we love what we do and work towards the same goal.

    Chris is Chairman and likes to immerse himself deeply in all things new in the world of R&D - he is also Chris Boardman.
    Chris Boardman - Chairman
    Barney is an applied sports scientist who specialises in the integration of cycling biomechanics and aerodynamics, to enhance cycling performance.
    Dr. Barney Wainwright - Head of Science & Tech Development
    Jamie has 20 years of experience in advising cyclists and other endurance athletes, and has coached riders to over 80 national titles and multiple British records.
    Dr. Jamie Pringle - Head of Science & Tech Development
    Bianca brings together her skills and knowledge as a chartered Physiotherapist with many years of bike positioning experience to put the customer in their optimal bike position.
    Bianca Broadbent - Senior Bikefitter and Physiotherapist
    Lee joins the Performance Centre team after a successful career applying sports science across a range of disciplines with elite level athletes.
    Lee Eddens - Senior Physiologist
    David is one of our Performance Science Technicians who supports across all areas of the Performance Centre. From crafting custom insoles to analysing bike fitting data, David's wealth of expertise ensures customers get the most out of their time.
    David Ogg - Performance Science Technician
    Tom is one of our Performance Science Technicians, whose main role involves the day-to-day operation of the Wind Tunnel, gathering data to help better understand and improve customer's aerodynamics.
    Tom Ward - Performance Science Technician