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    Position & Technique Services

    Cyclist being assessed in Boardman Performance Centre BikeFit session


    The key goals of our biomechanics provision are to improve comfort and mechanical effectiveness, and ultimately to increase sustainable muscle power delivered to the pedal. We look at how the body and bike interact, and how we can change position and technique to achieve these goals, using an evidence-based approach. If you want to make sure that you optimise your capabilities on the bike, our BikeFit products are essential.

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    Our highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced staff use a wide array of market-leading technology as tools to evaluate your needs and administer effective interventions. The tools we use include the Bioracer 3D Motion Analysis system to record and analyse your position offering unique insight into the way you move. Saddle and foot pressure is assessed using Gebiomized pressure mapping systems provide us with the capability to address pain and discomfort in those areas. Forped 6-axis instrumented pedals are used to measure Mechanical Efficiency, assess pedalling technique and optimise cleat position to reduce unwanted lateral pedal forces that cause ineffective pedalling and contribute to joint pain and other injuries. We use Sidas heat cured custom insoles to improve foot posture to assist effective pedalling and improve comfort. Wattbikes’ adapted fitting bike is used to provide a robust and highly adjustable platform to easily adjust positions and provide accurate real-time feedback on the effects of new positions.


    WHAT'S INCLUDED SaddleFit Custom Insoles BikeFit Road BikeFit TT BikeFit Optimisation
    Off-bike Musculoskeletal Assessment - - Yes Yes Yes
    On-bike lower limb assessment - Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Evaluation of Current Bike Size - - Yes Yes Yes
    Pedalling Efficiency Measurement - - - - Yes
    Use of our Bioracer equipment for biomechanical assessments. - - Yes Yes Yes
    GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping Yes - Yes Yes Yes
    Cleat Positioning & Set Up - Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Custom Footbeds* - Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Comprehensive Positional Measurements To Take Away - - Yes Yes Yes
    Personalised Conditioning Programme - - - - Yes
    Complex Problem Solving - - - - Yes
    Consultation Time Up to 1.5 Hours Up to 1.5 Hours Up to 3 Hours Up to 4 Hours Up to 6 Hours
    Cost £150 £150 £275 £375 £575

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    Alternatively; contact us via phone or email using the details below and the Performance Centre team will be able to answer any questions you may have about the services and their availability.

    Phone: 01527 918 915
    Email: Performance.Centre@boardmanbikes.com