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    Aerodynamic Services

    Front-on view of the fan in the Boardman Performance Centre


    Aerodynamics is one of cycling’s biggest talking points. So much so that we built a cycling-specific wind tunnel to give cyclists of all levels the chance to test and improve their aerodynamic performance. 

    The key goal of wind tunnel testing is to reduce your aerodynamic resistance at your typical speeds. This is particularly relevant to the racer competing against the clock, but also any rider looking to reduce the energy cost for a given speed, whether riding on the flat, up or downhill, alone or in a group.


    We assess the rider’s body position, clothing, and equipment (frame, wheels, handlebars etc.). Then we can make adjustments to reduce the frontal area presented to the air, or modify the shape or surface characteristics of the structures, to improve the flow of air, ultimately decreasing drag and delivering some real-world performance gains. 

    Our wind tunnel can operate at various wind speeds and a continuous range of yaw angles within each run; this unique feature provides insight into how cross-winds affect both rider and bike. Combine this ability with the measurement of physical capabilities – pedalling effectiveness – and we are better able to move towards riding positions that are not just more aerodynamic, but also more efficient, more robust, and more sustainable in more scenarios.


    Boardman Aero Foundation Session
    Boardman Aero Focus Session
    Boardman Aero Fit Session


    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION AeroFoundation AeroFocus AeroFit Additional Hour
    Outcomes & Benefits        
    Baseline (current setup and position) aerodynamic drag profile Yes Yes Yes -
    Trial changes within current setup (drops, tops, aero bars etc) Yes Yes Yes -
    Run-by-run aero optimisation through positional and setup changes - Yes Yes -
    Assess front-end positional changes (cockpit, body position & helmet) - Yes Yes -
    Equipment and clothing available to trial - Yes Yes -
    Whole-position Bikefit for optimising power, effectiveness and aerodynamics - - Yes -
    Course-specific matched aero optimisation - - - -
    Wind-tunnel specific processes        
    Single speed Yes - - -
    Multiple speeds - Yes Yes -
    Single yaw angle Yes - - -
    Multiple yaw angles - Yes Yes -
    Boardman Aero Mapping™ - - - -
    *Available equipment to trial (prioritisation required)        
    Boardman aero test bikes (replicates rider's own position) Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Rider's own bike One bike, max One bike, max One bike, max Second bike etc
    Rider's own equipment, clothing and accessories - Yes - Yes
    Extensions, position, shape/length and type - Yes Yes Yes
    Elbow pads, position and type - Yes Yes Yes
    Helmets, type and size - Yes Yes Yes
    Wheels - Yes - Yes
    Skinsuits - Yes - Yes
    Accessories (gloves, overshoes, bottles, etc) - Yes - Yes
    Performance modelling        
    On-the-road performance (speed) predictions Yes Yes Yes -
    Predicted performance changes (example courses) - Yes Yes -
    Course-specific performance modelling (incl. wind/terrain) - - - -
    Optimised course-specific pacing plan - - - -
    Results & feedback        
    Brief verbal feedback (on-the-day) Yes - - -
    Detailed verbal feedback (on-the-day) - Yes Yes -
    Follow-up report with run-by-run breakdown - Yes Yes -
    Approximate duration (minutes)        
    Whole session 60 90 240 60
    Set-up and briefing time 15 15 15 0
    Wind tunnel time 30 60 60 60
    Debrief 15 15 15 0
    Achievable number of comparisons/setups Up to 3 8 - 15 8 - 15 8 - 15
    Cost £195 £395 £695 £195

    *We have an inventory of aero test equipment for customer use in our wind tunnel. We will be looking to expand this, but currently includes:

    HELMETS / Kask Protone / Kask Bambino / Kask Mistral / Kask Utopia / Lazer Wasp Longtail / Lazer Wasp Air / Giro Aerohead / Endura D2Z Aeroswitch / Met Drone

    SKIN SUITS / Bioracer Speedwear Concept TT (long sleeve) / Bioracer Speedwear Concept RR (short sleeve) / Endura D2Z Encapsulator SST / Endura D2Z Road

    WHEELS / Zipp 808 NSW

    BARS / USE aluminium extensions 20 - 50 degree ski bend / Zipp Vuka alumina race; evo 70; evo 110

    STEMS / Zipp Service Course +/-6 degree 60 - 130 mm / Zipp Service Course +/-25 degree 75 - 120 mm

    Please Note: The maximum wheelbase that our wind tunnel rig allows for is 1045 mm. The majority of bikes will be less than this, but some extra-large bikes may be longer. Please check your bike before purchasing any wind tunnel product. If in doubt, call us to discuss and confirm. We will always endeavour to find a solution for you.

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    Alternatively; contact us via phone or email using the details below and the Performance Centre team will be able to answer any questions you may have about the services and their availability.

    Phone: 01527 918 915
    Email: Performance.Centre@boardmanbikes.com