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    Health & Fitness Services

    Cyclist being assessed in the Boardman Performance Centre Health and Fitness Suite


    Our physiology provision is built on the cornerstones of Fitness and of Health. Our goal is to get under the bonnet of your performance, to understand how your body creates your physical capacity and capabilities, but also to ensure your body is ready to work effectively and safely.



    For the cycling performer, we take an integrated mouth-to-muscle look at aerobic and anaerobic fitness capacity, assessing how cardiorespiratory capacity (heart and lungs) interacts with muscular conditioning and mechanical efficiency to produce power at the pedal. These are relevant to any type of rider, but for the competitor, we take a more in-depth into the diagnostic profile to identify specific strengths, weaknesses and implications for training and event preparation. All of our assessments include aspects of health screening, which are designed to identify and minimise risk.


    PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Rider MOT Physiology Performance Long Distance Specialist
    Health check at rest (incl. haemotology, lung function and body composition) Yes Yes Yes
    Submaximal aerobic fitness (lactate threshold; lactate turnpoint) - Yes Yes
    Torque-power-cadence relationship - Yes Yes
    Efficiency, economy and fuel use - Yes Yes
    Maximal aerobic fitness (can be truncated to voluntary limit) Yes Yes Yes
    Peak power Yes Yes Yes
    Lung function (during exercise) - Yes Yes
    Anaerobic work capacity and critical power - Yes Yes
    Physiological profile (incl. strengths and weaknesses) - Yes Yes
    Performance projections - Yes Yes
    Targeted training implications - Yes Yes
    Basic bike-sizing and setup (saddle height, reach and drop) Yes - -
    Musculoskeletal assessment (off-bike fundamentals, incl. range of motion, flexibility) Yes - -
    Cadence optimisation - - Yes
    Implications for race-delivery, pacing and fuelling - - Yes
    Event/course-specific performance modelling - - Yes
    Priorities for race preparation and training - - Yes
    Consultation Time Up to 1.5 Hours Up to 4 Hours Up to 5 Hours
    Cost £195 £375 £575

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