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    Got a Question about the Performance Centre?

    Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Performance Centre.

    The Boardman Performance Centre is located in The Valley Retail Park at the northern end of the Evesham bypass (A46) at its junction with the Stratford Road. Once on the Evesham bypass follow the brown tourist signs which are marked Evesham Country Park. We are at the entrance just off a large round-about which leads up from the petrol station and Premier Inn. The best postcode to use is WR11 4DS, or search for The Valley Evesham if possible.

    Our vision is to make your performance visible, to better understand how you and your bike integrate together to achieve your ambitions and objectives. We draw from extensive experience in the human performance sciences (physiology, biomechanics) along with cycling-specific technical skills (bike fit and aerodynamics).

    The Performance Centre's opening hours are Monday - Saturday 9.00am to 5.30pm and Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm..

    Yes. We cater for everyone who has an ambition to know more about their own performance, regardless of how this compares to the very best in the world. Almost all the services are applicable and appropriate for any standard of rider.

    Whilst other providers can offer different tests of physical and technical function, we look at your performance in an integrated manner, understanding how your body and bike work together to create your performance. Most importantly, we believe that our cycling-specific insight is second-to-none, and with the information we create we can translate this directly into improved performance, training and enjoyment of your cycling.

    The Boardman Performance Centre was the brainchild of Chris Boardman and his colleagues. The Centre has qualified staff who’ve worked with Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the past and who also possess copious amounts of knowledge and expertise on physiology, biomechanics and cycling as a sport.

    All our senior staff have significant experience in the World-Class sector in science and technical support to Olympic and Paralympic medallists, and our directors have worked at the highest level in this domain along with significant leadership and governance roles.

    The Centre and its operation has been setup with the highest ethical and professional standards in mind, including those applicable to human performance and medical clinics. Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is both extensive and stringent. We intend to seek BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences) laboratory accreditation within 18 months of opening. Many of our staff have their own personal accreditations and certifications relevant to their disciplines, and we actively support our younger staff to achieve these.

    Good performance is a combination of good health and good function. All of our profiling and optimisation methods start with an assessment of risk, and it’s our obligation to you that you are safe in our hands.

    We prefer to organise our services according to purpose and objective, and for the specific type of rider and their ambition. See our BikeFit and Physiology products for more information about the tests.

    Tell us. This information will be asked for at the time of booking. Our assessments are not suitable for those who have long-term health conditions.

    We will ask you question about your cycling experience, competitive ambitions and health, to ensure the services are appropriate to you. Much of this is automated as part of the booking process.

    The Boardman Performance Centre is as much for beginners as it is for professionals. As you move into the higher ranks of cycling, good performance becomes more and more about marginal gains. You’re in the best hands with our team who will walk you through the entire process.

    There is no need to fast (go without food that day) before your visit, unless you’re undertaking a specific assessment that requires it (and we would inform you of this need). We suggest you arrive as you would for any normal exercise session i.e. well hydrated and fuelled appropriately. It is best to avoid caffeine in the four hours before (we have good coffee for afterwards!).

    You can bring your own bike(s) with you regardless of the brand.

    We offer bike fits on road, time trial and mountain bikes

    We have showers, changing rooms and lockers for all our customers. Upon arrival, you’ll be given a complimentary towel and water bottle to use and take home with you.

    If you have a rider or team of riders who could benefit from improving their performance, we offer Club and Team Packages.