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    Aero Fit



    For the injury-free competitive rider requiring an integrated biomechanics and aerodynamics approach establishing a position with the best set-up for the optimal balance of comfort, power, and aerodynamics.


    • Assess the current set-up for comfort, power, pedalling effectiveness, aerodynamics and overall efficiency
    • Establish the functional range and limits for a biomechanically effective and sustainable aero position
    • Run-by-run feedback on positional changes
    • Real-world performance predictions
    • Comprehensive positional measurements to take away (upon request during the session)
    • Debrief (15-min) and recommendations
    • Summary report and recommendations (within 14 days)
    • Recommendation and guidance on equipment choice for chosen events



    • Total session time: Up to 4 hours
    • Additional wind tunnel time can be purchased at the time of booking. This is essential for more in-depth investigations such as clothing and equipment testing


    • Rider ambition: Competitive; being the best you can be
    • Event type: Any speed-related event, e.g. time-trial, triathlon, road-racing, track
    • Experience: Intermediate to advanced; professional rider;
    • When: Anytime; we recommend an AeroFit is undertaken annually or whenever there is a requirement for a notable change to the bike and positional setup
    • Status: Injury-free cyclist, not experiencing major discomfort on the bike (if you experience particular issues on the bike or require further investigations e.g. saddles and cranks, we recommend you book a BikeFit TT to address these issues prior to any aerodynamic service)


    • Cycling-specific musculoskeletal assessment to identify an individual’s positional limitations
    • Integrated biomechanics and aerodynamics optimisation: minimise losses in power and maintain effectiveness in aerodynamic position(s)
    • Highly advanced technical capabilities: enjoy using the most advanced wind tunnel available for cyclists, with within-run yaw-sweep capabilities (+/- 30 degrees) and testing at different wind speeds (up to 80 km/h). We can also cater for most bike types and sizes
    • Access to test equipment, clothing and accessories: bring your own or take advantage of our range of, helmets and clothing, allowing you to trial options before purchasing (we recommend that you purchase additional wind tunnel time if you want to comprehensively explore equipment options).
    • Aero test bikes: if required, we can complete the aerodynamic testing on our bikes if your own bike does not permit the required range of adjustability. We transfer your baseline position to our tunnel bikes to allow rapid adjustment in position and setup
    • Session reporting: a comprehensive and accessible data record, cataloguing each run and including high-resolution photography and resulting recommendations
    • Performance modelling: identify how changes to your aerodynamic profile convert to increased speed on the road, or in power saved

    AERO FIT: £695

    To book onto an Aero Fit session or to check availability, please head to our booking page. To maximise the usefulness of the session, we recommend spending 2-hours of time in the wind tunnel. An additional hour can be added on to your selection at the time of booking.

    Please Note: The maximum wheelbase that our wind tunnel rig allows for is 1045 mm. The majority of bikes will be less than this, but some extra-large bikes may be longer. Please check your bike before purchasing any wind tunnel product. If in doubt, call us to discuss and confirm. We will always endeavour to find a solution for you.

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    Alternatively; contact us via phone or email using the details below and the Performance Centre team will be able to answer any questions you may have about the services and their availability.

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    Email: Performance.Centre@boardmanbikes.com