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    Aero Experience

    The Boardman Cycling Specific Wind Tunnel


    A short wind tunnel session to assess current aerodynamic performance and identify the potential direction to find improvements. Designed for the curious and ambitious of any level of performance. Note that this session will not result in an 'optimised aerodynamic solution'. While there is some flexibility in what can be evaluated, changes to bike equipment will not be possible. You can use your bike, but a fleet of rapidly adjustable aero test bikes will be available.


    • 30 min wind-tunnel time with our expert aerodynamicists
    • Baseline (current position) analysis
    • Trial one or two performance-improving changes
    • Use of our instrumented and rapidly adjustable aero test bikes
    • Gains quantification and on-the-road performance predictions
    • Direction for future gains
    • Debrief (15-min) and recommendations



  • Rider ambition: Any
  • Event Type: Any speed event, e.g. time-trial, triathlon, road-racing, track, downhill mountain-biking
  • Experience: Any
  • When: Anytime, but ideal for the rider new to speed-based racing, or before buying a new bike


    From the moment you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by our staff and taken to our bespoke facility where you’ll experience an hour with our Wind Tunnel experts. We’ll place your bike in the tunnel and lead you through before starting her up for you to take a test against the wind.

    • Aerodynamic Expertise: Take advantage of our world-leading experience in aerodynamics and set the direction of investigation correctly from the start
    • Evaluation of the potential for aerodynamic improvements
    • Baseline Aerodynamics: Establish your baseline position, compare this with what is possible, and identify a potential direction for future gains
    • Trial Positions: Immediate data insight within the run itself, and continuous expert guidance for changes
    • Highly Advanced Technical Capabilities: Enjoy using the most advanced wind tunnel available for cyclists. We can also cater for most bike types and sizes
    • Aero Test Bikes: Do more in less time; use our instrumented and adapted aero test bikes. We transfer your baseline position to our tunnel bikes to allow rapid adjustment in position and setup
    • Performance Predictions: Identify how your aerodynamic profile converts to speed on the road


    This session will not result in an 'optimised aerodynamic solution'. While there is some flexibility in what can be evaluated, changes to bike equipment will not be possible in the short time allowed. In most instances, your bike will be used, but a fleet of demo Time Trial bikes will be available to trial.

    Please Note: The maximum wheelbase that our wind tunnel rig allows for is 1045 mm. The majority of bikes will be less than this, but some extra-large bikes may be longer. Please check your bike before purchasing any wind tunnel product. If in doubt, call us to discuss and confirm. We will always endeavour to find a solution for you.


    To book onto an Aero Experience session or to check availability, please head to our booking page.

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    Alternatively; contact us via phone or email using the details below and the Performance Centre team will be able to answer any questions you may have about the services and their availability.

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