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    Boardman Performance Centre - A Guided Tour

 Performance Centre Exterior


    Words & Images by: James Ryan & Matt Edwards

    Based on the edge of the Cotswolds, the 18,000 sqft Boardman Performance Centre is a World Class facility, offering best-in-class services from industry specialists in physiological fitness, function and health, bike-fitting, positional biomechanics and aerodynamics.

    At the heart of the centre sits the UK's first cycling-specific wind tunnel offering cyclists of all abilities the chance to explore aerodynamics, position and performance in a way previously reserved only for elite level athletes and teams.

    Our goal is to make your performance both visible and understandable and to make this process as simple and effective as possible, we have organised our services and expertise into products that we believe are best designed to support your cycling performance and enjoyment. Across all areas, you can have confidence that you and your bike are in the hands of experts who truly understand your performance needs.

    Boardman Performance Centre Retail Space


    Any visit to the Performance Centre starts in our bespoke brand store. Here you'll receive a warm welcome from a member of our team in a comfortable and relaxed environment displaying the latest from Boardman, as well as parts, accessories and clothing from Zipp, Knight Composites, Giro, Gore Bike Wear and Kask helmets to name just a few. Two of Chris Boardman's Hour Record bikes are also on display in the store, offering a unique chance to get up close to these iconic bikes that are typically the preserve of museums. Our brand store also features a fully equipped mechanics workshop with experts on hand to answer any questions you may have about your equipment or riding.

    Boardman Performance Centre Retail Space Photo Collage


    Stairs displaying Chris' unmistakeable Lotus 108 bike, his winning jerseys from the Tour de France and World Champs as well as his 1992 Olympic Gold Medal, lead to our Biomechanics and Physiology suites as well as the entrance to the Wind Tunnel. For customers taking part in any of our sessions, there are wet and dry changing rooms, showers and lockers as well as a comfortable seated lobby area for family and friends to meet and relax. 

    Boardman Performance Centre Lobby Space & Changing Area Photo Collage


    The first of three essential areas for the Performance Centre. Our Biomechanic suite and its services have been explicitly designed to improve comfort and mechanical effectiveness. Through expert knowledge, best in class equipment and techniques we can evaluate every area of your interaction with the bike. Our team look at how changes in position and technique can achieve your goals whether they are improved comfort or performance efficiency. If you want to make sure that you optimise your capabilities on the bike, our Biomechanics suite and experts are there to guide you through every step of the process.

    Boardman Performance Centre Biomechanics Suite - Photo Collage

    Our highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced staff use a wide array of market-leading technology as tools to evaluate your needs. These include 3D motion analysis, saddle and foot pressure mapping and 6-axis pedals, that are used to measure mechanical efficiency. All of the equipment is tailored to your individual needs during the course of your one-to-one session. We also offer a custom insole service to create the perfect fit between your feet and shoes to encourage effective pedalling whilst improving comfort. Throughout the duration of your Biomechanics session, an adaptable and adjustable Wattbike is used to provide accurate real-time feedback on the effects of new positions.


    Right next door to our Biomechanics suite is the Physiology suite. The services provided here are built on the cornerstones of Fitness and Health. The goals of a session in this room are to get under the bonnet of your performance. Here you will be able to get detailed and unique information to you about how your body creates your physical capacity and capabilities.

    Boardman Performance Centre Physiology Suite - Photo Collage

    These sessions also ensure your body is ready to work effectively and safely. We look at aerobic and anaerobic fitness capacity and explore how your cardiorespiratory capacity (heart and lungs) interact with your muscular conditioning and mechanical efficiency to produce power at the pedal. If you want to set a fitness baseline for yourself or diagnose a specific area of your performance the expertise and equipment in this room are second to none.


    And finally, at the end of the lobby area, you will find the big yellow doors into the Wind Tunnel. Aerodynamics has a considerable effect on a cyclists performance regardless of the level or ability, with over 80% of a riders effort going into pushing air out of the way. With our purpose-built cycling specific Wind Tunnel, the Boardman Performance centre offers riders of all disciplines the chance to explore this in a way never previously attainable. 

    Boardman Performance Centre Wind Tunnel - Photo Collage

    Our aerodynamic experts are on hand during any of our aero sessions to help analyse your body position, clothing, and equipment and make adjustments to reduce your overall drag and ultimately improve your efficiency. With four HD cameras recording various angles which are all shown in real time during your session you can refine your bike and riding position and even review these at home as they are saved directly to your online Performance Centre account.  

    Boardman Performance Centre Wind Tunnel & Aero Suite - Photo Collage

    For more information about this unique facility or for information on the services available head over to the Performance Centre section on our website.


    Alternatively; contact us via phone or email using the details below and the Performance Centre team will be able to answer any questions you may have about the services and their availability.

    Phone: 01527 918 915
    Email: Performance.Centre@boardmanbikes.com