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    The wheel specification on a bike is one of the most important factors, significantly impacting the performance and feel of the bike. The Boardman wheel range has been designed and built to meet the specific performance requirements of the rider and event. 

    The super aero Air Elite Nine, Air Elite Seven and Air Elite Five wheel sets have been designed to give the rider a competitive aero advantage in flat and rolling Triathlon, TT and Road events. 

    The super light SLR Elite Nine, SLR Elite Seven Disc, SLR Elite Five and SLR Elite Five Disc wheel sets really perform when the road turns mountainous.

    Our AIR range of wheels has been designed for ultimate aerodynamic performance. Deep and wide rims will help you cut through the air with less effort
    Air wheels
    Super Light Weight, but stiff and responsive, the SLR wheel range are a great upgrade if you're heading for the hills
    SLR wheels
    Super Light Weight, and with the added stopping power of disc brakes, these wheels are perfect companions for people who want to ride hard and fast
    SLR Disc wheels