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Materials are the most important part of any bicycle design. We begin our design process by looking at the characteristics required from a new frame. Next, we develop and test the materials that we think best compliment these characteristics. We then tell our customers exactly what we have designed for them in a clear, jargon free way. It is a simple approach, but one which works well.

Material science is a fast changing landscape. Advances in technology are giving us a greater understanding of the detailed make-up of the world around us, and helps us to better understand how to optimise the materials at our disposal -whether looking at the direction or thickness of fibre strands in Carbon Fibre, or the composition of materials and hardening processes used in specific Alloys. The next advancement is just around the corner, and we are constantly looking to seek it out.

Read on below for an insight into the materials we use in our current range of Boardman Bikes...

Boardman C10 carbon is reserved for our Elite level products where the number one concern of the rider is performance, without compromise.

C10 Carbon

Frames manufactured using Boardman C8 Carbon have won multiple Olympic Gold medals, testament that even our mid-level frames offer world class performance.

C8 Carbon

C7 frames typically contain the same level of sophisticated lay-up as our top-range C10 models, but use a slightly lower grade of Carbon to obtain an optimal balance of performance and value.

C7 Carbon

Through carefully crafting the correct frame design and using the optimum tube profile, Ti10 allows us to build a frame platform that is incredibly strong with un-paralleled levels of compliance and comfort without compromising on weight.


Boardman’s highest grade X9 Alloy is created by carefully blending Aluminium with other key materials, in just the right quantities.

X9 Alloy

Boardman X7 alloy is an aerospace grade heat treated Aluminium, with properties that make it ideal for bicycle frame design and the ride characteristics expected from a Boardman frame.

X7 Alloy