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Technology is instrumental to everything we do - whether developing the next evolution of our wind-cheating frames, a set of stiff and light race wheels or a helmet to keep you safe. 

We have an array of cutting-edge tools that we can use in our pursuit of perfection, a whole world of materials to explore and the exceptional knowledge and expertise of our R&D team.

Understanding how to use the technology at our disposal in order to have a meaningful impact on design and performance is an art in itself and is a continuous, never ending goal for our team. As new technologies arise, we tailor our processes to benefit from such innovations. The world doesn't stand still, and that's a great thing.

Chris Boardman using his restless curiosity, pursuit of perfection and cutting edge technology pushed his body and machine beyond what was considered possible and achieved an incredible 56.375km. From this ground breaking event, the Boardman R&D project Beyond 56 (B56) was born.
Every Boardman product is the child of an extensive platform of work, which draws on all of the engineering knowledge, experience and expertise of the Boardman R&D team. During this process, we utilise the most cutting edge tools available to refine and hone our designs, ensuring that the output of our work is something we are proud to put our name to.
R&D is what we love, whether looking at the aerodynamics of a road bike, the suspension design of a new Mountain bike, or the stiffness of a wheelset.
Material science is a fast changing landscape. Advances in technology are giving us a greater understanding of the detailed make-up of the world around us, and helps us to better understand how to optimise the materials at our disposal