Boardman Bikes: the winner of Multiple Olympic, World, European and National titles.


Welcome to Boardman bikes, the multiple title-winning and critically acclaimed British cycling brand inspired by a true British cycling legend.


From road, mountain and hybrid bikes, to carbon water bottle cages and helmets, there's something in the range for everyone - no matter what kind of bike you ride or which level you are at. At Boardman Bikes we've kept your cycling experience at the forefront of our minds, it's our one true passion. Chris Boardman MBE, one of Britain's greatest ever cyclists, achieved many victories throughout his illustrious career including: National Champion at both Junior and Senior level (winning over 30 titles) before turning professional following his Olympic Gold Medal success in Barcelona. Chris has represented his country at four Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and the World Championships.


A fundamental part of our philosophy is to provide you with the best riding experience each and every time you go out on your bike - whatever level you ride at. Our range is continuously put through its paces by some of the very best riders in the world. We've continued to build upon our success and developed, fine tuned and extended the range to include highly developed carbon fibre frames and superior alloy frames. Each and every frame is finished with the highest level of components within its class - which gives you a machine that is designed to perform at a very competitive price.


Ride like a champion.

Ride a Boardman.



A great British cycling brand, a true British cycling legend.


Chris Boardman is an Olympic, Triple World Champion and World Record Holder. Chris has excelled at the highest levels within cycling and he remains at the heart of British cycling today - and he is often cited as being an inspiration to the current generation of successful cyclists. Chris is passionate about the sport and its positive impact on the nation and the environment. Chris and the entire Boardman team want as many people as possible to share in their passion & experience the thrill of cycling for themselves.


"My promise to you is that every single bike will adhere to our three fundamental values. I work closely with the team at every single stage to ensure that all bikes offer the highest level of performance, utilise great design and are of a superior quality - the result is a truly world-class product throughout the range."

Chris Boardman, Director of R&D, Boardman Bikes


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Boardman Bikes R&D


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The Bikes:

Attention to detail.


Attention to detail was at the heart of Chris's career - in the build up to the Olympic title and later as a Pro rider. This has been carried through to Boardman Bikes today, from carefully considered geometry to super smooth welds, attention to detail runs throughout the range. This can be seen in the aerodynamic shape of the down tube that reduces your air resistance and the geometry and handling properties of our mtb's - allowing you to tackle the most demanding of descents whilst still being super efficient on the climbs.


We have a Holistic approach to our design process - we've inspected, designed, modified, tested and approved each and every detail. This is an everyday occurrence for our research and development team, headed by Chris, who gets to test the best and latest materials and components before they are ready for you - this way, you know pound for pound you're getting the best spec and ride characteristics for your money. Performance, design and quality runs through everything we do - giving you the best ride possible.



World-class bikes:

Designed to perform (and win).


Elite Series or Performance Series, from the Olympic Gold medal winning AiR/9.8, the SLR/9.2, the award-winning Pro Carbon, Team, Comp to Sport - they are all designed to perform. Whether you want to achieve the ultimate in performance (either on or off road) or enjoy a weekend ride. These bikes have been specifically designed for purpose and to achieve unrivalled all-round performance. Our range is put through its paces by the most demanding of independent journalists with consistently impressive results.


Find out more about our technology, our 'Holistic Optimisation' design process and our R&D department...

Boardman Bikes R&D


The Elite Series - designed for the world-class athlete racing on the biggest stage and the more serious of riders amongst you.


The Performance Series - designed for everyone - from the serious racer / enthusiast through to the everyday and leisure cyclist.


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