Boardman Bikes Alistair Brownlee

Alistair Brownlee

Olympic Champion 2012,

Double ITU World Champion


DOB: 23/04/1988

Height: 185cm

Lives: Yorkshire, UK

Rides: AiR/9.8 (m)


Half of the now infamous 'Brownlee Brothers' - with sporty parents (Mum/swim, Dad/run) and an uncle who was a triathlete, Alistair Brownlee was destined to be a triathlete.


The 1st triathlete to win Junior, U23 and Elite World Titles. Alistair has redefined the world of triathlon with his Attack, Attack, Attack approach across the Swim, Bike & Run.


Every professional race, win, title and podium has been on a Boadman Bike.


Al Brownlee is riding the Boardman Bikes AiR/9.8.


2014 Races / Results:

Abu Dhabi Triathlon (15 Mar) / WINNER

ITU WTS London (1 Jun)

Commonwealth Games (24 Jul)

ITU WTS Edmonton Grand Final (1 Sep)


2013 Results:

ITU WTS London - 52nd (injured, but completed)

ITU WTS Stockholm - Winner

ITU WTS Hamburg - 2nd (behind Jonny)

ITU WTS Kitzbühel - Winner

ITU WTS San Diego - Winner

Abu Dhabi Triathlon - Winner


2012 Results:

London Olympics - Olympic Champion

ITU WTS Kitzbühel - Winner


2011 Results:

ITU WTS Beijing Grand Final - Winner: 2011 World Champion

ITU WTS Madrid - Winner

ITU WTS Kitzbühel - Winner

ITU WTS London - Winner

ITU Lausanne Sprint World Championships - 3rd

ITU Lausanne Team World Championships - Gold

ETU European Championships - Winner

French Grand Prix, Paris - Winner

French Grand Prix, Dunkerque - Winner

French Grand Prix, Nice - Winner


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See the bike Alistair is riding this year...

Boardman Bikes AiR - Brownlees


Alistair rides ITU 'draft legal' races - using the aerodynamic properties of the AiR frame. Full aero bars are not allowed, athletes can use the short clip-on aero bars, but Al chooses not to race with them.


For draft illegal races (Ironman etc), the AiR/TT bikes are complete with aero bars. Find out more about the AiR/TT's here...



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